Hand Traverse Track Hardware

Many of our metal rods are also available as track, enabling the moving of draperies by the pull of a wand.  The track is in the bottom of the rod, and holds carriers for ripplefold style draperies, or slides which hold pinned, pleated draperies and allow them to be pulled open or closed.  No rings or cords required!

They are available in several diameters, many finishes, and with assorted endcaps and finial styles.  The look is clean, sleek, and unfussy

Photo courtesy of Design Elements Group

The brackets grab the track by the top, and do not interfere with the movement of the drapery.  The top edge of the drapery is suspended just barely below the rod.

Photo courtesy of Helser Brothers

Stop in to see this very popular track and its’ many incarnations at Designer’s Hardware & Supply!



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