Designing with Acrylics, February 2019

Designing with Acrylics, February 2019

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Several hardware manufacturers have jumped into the acrylic hardware game, and it’s a trend that may be with us for a while.  These styles can be very contemporary, but can be combined to shine in a transitional environment as well.  Usually, these collections include metal (brackets, finial parts, rings) for strength and to accentuate the bling.

The acrylic poles come in a variety of shapes, including round (in several diameters), square, and rectangular.  The square rods can be bent, and make beautiful towel bars in addition to drapery rods.

The square and rectangular rods are often used with metal endcaps, metal rings and brackets.  The rectangular rods can also be used with acrylic rings, and brackets. There are acrylic rings and brackets for the round rods, as well.

The assortment of finials for the round rods is extensive, and combine metal with the acrylic (black, brushed brass and brushed nickel).




Please come into our showroom to see these beauties in person, and the many options available to add a lovely sleekness and some bling to your design!

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