Getting to know your drapery hardware: Master Carriers/Carriers/Glides/Slides/Rings

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While not always the fun or creative part of your overall design, rods that can move draperies (traverse rods) have different parts that need to sometimes be specified when placing an order.  Attention to this can be the difference between an installation that goes smoothly, or an unhappy client!

Used on traverse rods or track, overlap master CARRIERS take the lead edges of the drapery to the center of the rod (or, wherever they are set to meet).  One-way master CARRIERS take the leading edge of the drapery to either the right or left.  For ripple-fold draperies, the master carriers are either the overlap style or butt-master for a continuous rippled look.


GLIDES and SLIDES hang from the track of a traverse rod and hold the pins on the back of the drapery panel.  CARRIERS are used for ripple-fold draperies, and are spaced accordingly on cord to determine fullness, then they snap to the top of the drapery.

Decorative C-type Rings with glides can be used for traversing pleated draperies on decorative traverse rods.

At Designer’s Hardware, we’re happy to assist you with any questions you may have about drapery hardware!  Please visit our website!!

Credit to Charbonneau Interiors

Credit to Charbonneau Interiors

Credit to Charbonneau Interiors.

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