Hand Traverse Track Hardware

Many of our metal rods are also available as track, enabling the moving of draperies by the pull of a wand.  The track is in the bottom of the rod, and holds carriers for ripplefold style draperies, or slides which hold pinned, pleated draperies and allow them to be pulled open or closed.  No rings or cords required! They are available in several diameters, many finishes, and with assorted endcaps and finial styles.  The look is clean, sleek, and unfussy Photo courtesy of Design Elements Group The brackets grab the track by the top, and do not interfere with the...

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Designing with Acrylics, February 2019

Designing with Acrylics, February 2019 Photo credit: Several hardware manufacturers have jumped into the acrylic hardware game, and it’s a trend that may be with us for a while.  These styles can be very contemporary, but can be combined to shine in a transitional environment as well.  Usually, these collections include metal (brackets, finial parts, rings) for strength and to accentuate the bling. The acrylic poles come in a variety of shapes, including round (in several diameters), square, and rectangular.  The square rods can be bent, and make beautiful towel bars in addition to drapery rods. The square and...

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Getting to know your drapery hardware: Master Carriers/Carriers/Glides/Slides/Rings

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While not always the fun or creative part of your overall design, rods that can move draperies (traverse rods) have different parts that need to sometimes be specified when placing an order.  Attention to this can be the difference between an installation that goes smoothly, or an unhappy client! Used on traverse rods or track, overlap master CARRIERS take the lead edges of the drapery to the center of the rod (or, wherever they are set to meet).  One-way master CARRIERS take the leading edge of the drapery to either the right or left.  For ripple-fold draperies, the master carriers...

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